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In fitnessDigi we help people to achieve their desired physique through proper guidance and training.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Henry David Thoreau

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Best Trainers

We provide the best trainers , who put equal effort as you to ensure you achieve your desired goals. With all professional steps necessary.


Effective Plans

All our fitness plans including personal training program and diet plans are all calculated by your body type , weight & health condition.

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We provide you one-on-one mentorship. One can experience friendly ecosystem with our team. Also on time response by our team on queries.



We bring a variety of plans which includes personal training programs , diet plans and many more.


Learn Yoga and Zumba from our our experienced trainers providing services for more than 5+ years..


Get a variety of workout tutorials specially prepared by our trainers to guide your workout routine.


Manage your daily calories intake from our calorie calculator and keep daily record.

Meet OUR Team

akshay singh gym trainer
Personal Gym Trainer

Akshay Singh

Hi ! There I'm Akshay Singh one of personal trainers in FitnessDigi I've been training from last 8+ years and have an experience of training my clients of more than 5 years.

Yoga Instructor

Tara Dixit

Hello ! Everyone I'm Tara Dixit a yoga instructor at fitnessdigi . I'm a certified and A graduate in yoga science . Looking forward to share my knowledge with you guys.

Zumba Instructor

Hrithik Upadhyay

Hi ! Guys I'm Hrithik Upadhyay Zumba instructor providing services for 4+ years currently taking classes on fitnessdigi.com . Come join me .

Personal Gym Trainer

Sumit Singh

Hi ! There I'm Sumit Singh I'm a bodybuilder , fitness model and won many certificates in bodybuilding shows and competitions. I've been training from last 5+ years and have an experience of training my clients of more than 3 years.

sumit singh

Why fitness is Vital?

It’s no secret that fitness is vital for both physical and mental health. Not only does it help us maintain a healthy weight, but it also helps us stay healthy in general.

Fitness is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health. It can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, and improve your overall physical appearance. In fact, many people consider fitness to be one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness can help reduce the risk of developing diseases like cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Plus, it can improve our moods and feelings of well-being. So why not give fitness a try? It’s definitely worth it!

Why Online Fitness?

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and fitness, online fitness is a great option. Not only is it convenient, but it also offers a wide variety of options that are tailored to your specific needs. So if you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get motivated, online fitness is the perfect solution. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of online fitness and provide a few helpful tips. Let’s get started!

our vision

Our goal is to serve our customers a better place to learn and grow, with our guidance and years of experience.We took a new approach to share our knowledge and reach to every corners of this world. We break all the myths of ‘ Being Healthy ‘ is expensive , we bring the most affordable plans for everyone. Say no ! to expensive diet and personal training programs and become a part of our journey towards a fitter and better world.

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About us

We are a group of professional trainers , came together on an online platform to spread our knowledge with people all around the world. We train people to achieve their goals be it big or small. Keeping our clients healthy is our first priority.

When we started ?

We have been providing services locally for more than 6 years . Now we want to reach to every corner to spread our knowledge and teach everyone to stay fit.

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