10 Best Source Of Protein

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10 best source of protein
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What is protein ?

Protein is a nutrient your body needs to grow and repair cells and to work properly. Protein is found in a wide range of food and it’s important that you get enough protein in your diet every day. How much protein you need from your diet varies depending on your weight, gender, age and health.  Meeting your protein needs is easily achieved from eating a variety of foods. Protein from food comes from plant and animal sources such as meat and fish, eggs, dairy products, seeds and nuts, and legumes like beans and lentils. 

Proteins are made of amino acids

Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. There are about 20 different amino acids that link together in different combinations. Your body uses them to make new proteins, such as muscle and bone, and other compounds such as enzymes and hormones. It can also use them as an energy source.

10 best source of protein


Chicken breast


chicken breast

chicken Breast is rich in protein , low in carbohydrates. It’s one of the best source of protein for non-vegetarians , 100g chicken breast contains approximately 31g of Protein , 0g of Carbohydrates , 4-5g of Fats. As it is low in carbohydrates chicken breast is good for weight loss. Before consuming chicken everyday please be sure you are medically clear , though it doesn’t have any side affects when consumed in limit yet it is advised to take if you are medically clear.




Eggs are one of most nutritious food available. Eating an egg daily is beneficial for body as it contains good cholesterol , decent amount of protein , some carbohydrates and good fats as well. A single egg contains 6g Protein , 5g Fats , 0.6g Carbohydrates. It’s been advised by experts to take 3 eggs a day (one can increase the amount according to their diet requirement). 




Milk is an excellent source of protein and packed with nutrients like Calcium , Phosphorus, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Potassium. Milk is a dairy product and is available in different types such as Cow’s milk, Almonds milk, some people prefer Goat’s milk, Coconut milk but the nutrition values are not same in each type. We’ll take cow’s milk as an example and see it’s nutrition values : A cup of cow’s milk (240ml) contains 150 Calories, 11.7 gm of Carbohydrates, 8gm Fats, 12gm of Sugar, 7.7gm of Protein and 0 Fiber. Adding one glass milk daily in diet is very beneficial for healthy and fit body.




Paneer An Indian fresh cottage cheese made by curdling worm milk with a food acid such as vinegar or lime juice. It is a non-aged soft texture fresh cheese with amazing nutrition values rich in good carbs , fats and protein. A 100gm of paneer contains : 265 Calories ,1.2 gms of Carbohydrates, 21gm of Fats, 0 Fiber and 18gm of Protein.

Soya Chunks



Soya chunks are made up of soy flour , defatted by removing oil from it. It’s an amazing food which has protein equal to that of meat. It’s a best source of protein for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.The nutrition values are as follows : 100gm of Soya chunks contains 345 calories , Carbohydrates 33g, 0.5g Fats, 13g Fiber and 52g of Proteins . It can be a great source to fill the daily protein requirement. Though there are many myths regarding it’s side effect but it’s the safest and best food to consume daily.





Lentils are available in different colors such as red, green , brown , black. Lentils are basically edible legume they are rich in fiber , protein and minerals. Lentils are not beans as they are small in size and lens shaped. Best source of proteins for vegetarians but also very famous among non-vegetarians also. The nutrition content are as follows : 100gms of cooked lentils has 116 calories, 0.4g Fats, 20g Carbohydrates, 8g fiber and 9g of protein.

Kidney Beans


kidney beans

Kidney Beans is a variety of beans due to it’s shape it’s called kidney beans. Kidney beans is a very nutritious food and  great source of proteins and minerals for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. High in fiber and low in fat it is often used in weight loss by fitness experts. the nutrition content are as follows : 100g of kidney beans contains 60g of carbohydrates , 24 g of fiber , 22 g protein and very low amount of fats 1.3g. But always remember to properly cook it before you consume it.




Chick peas comes from legume family and is white in colour , it’s also called Kabuli Chana in India . chick peas are highly packed in protein , good carbs and fiber. Containing  19g of protein , 60 g of carbohydrates , 17 of fiber and 6g of good fats in every 100gs. Black check peas and other members of it’s family are also great when it comes to protein rich foods.




Nuts are  god’s gift to humanity rich in protein , healthy fats , fiber , carbs , vitamins and minerals. Adding nuts in daily diet has millions of benefits . There are many variety of nuts such as peanuts , walnuts , cashews nuts , almonds and many more . Different types of nuts have different nutrition value but it’s always advised to add them in diet.




Seeds like chia seeds , pumpkin seed , flax seeds , hemp seeds , sunflower seeds and many more are great source of fiber and proteins. These foods are  often used in weight loss when your body require more protein for recovery. They also contains omega 3 , antioxidants and other minerals. beneficial in recovery , skin , hairs there are hundreds of benefits so it’s highly advised to add it in daily routine.

ALERT : Before consuming check whether you have any allergy or not. Prevention is always better than cure. If you have any problem consult your doctor.


All the foods mentioned are rich in protein add them in your daily diet and stay healthy. foods mentioned are chicken breast ,eggs , milk , paneer , soya chunks , lentils , kidney beans , checkpeas , nuts and seeds all the nutrition values are provided.


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