5 Compound exercises for muscle gain

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Compound exercises for muscle gain
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Exercises are your best companion it help to release stress , gives you strength and makes you fit & healthy . In this article we’ll learn about the 5 compound exercises for muscle gain . When it comes to muscle gain , compound exercises along with a proper diet is very can give you amazing result.

What are compound exercises ?

Compound exercises for muscle gain

Compound exercises are those type of exercises which train group of muscles  when you are performing the exercise.

For example Bench press , bench press is a compound exercise primary muscle being chest and secondary muscles that are also trained during Bench press are Triceps , Core , Front Delts .

Before we go any further let’s discuss benefits of compound exercises :

Compound exercises for muscle gain

Though there are many compound exercises but in this article we’ll discuss about 5 compound exercises which are best for muscle gain.

Bench press



Bench press is one of the compound exercises which trains chest muscle and also trains muscles like Triceps , Front delts , core. It is a great exercise and should be performed safely or else major injuries can happen.


  1.  Lie down on the bench set the weights you are comfortable with ( Don’t do ego lifting).
  2. Hold the bar slightly outwards to your shoulder width.
  3.  Take a deep breathe and retract your shoulder blades.
  4. Fill your chest with air and lift the weight.
  5. Grip should be neutral grip i,e . thumbs locked around the bar.
  6.  Wrist should be tight and straight .

Points to remember : Hold the bar slightly outwards not too far it , holding too far may cause shoulder pain.

Don’t do ego lifting because ego lifting is the main cause of injuries.

Neutral grip is the best grip that will prevent from major injuries , yolo grip or Suicide grips are too dangerous and can be deadly.

Always retract your shoulder blades to minimize your shoulder engagement.

The movement shouldn’t be upright movement it should be slightly curved while  you lift the weights.



Deadlift is a weight training in which the bar is loaded with weight and is pulled off the ground to the levels of hips. Deadlift activates your back muscles and also trains Glutes , Hamstrings , Core , Trapezius (Traps).


  1. Set the desired weight you are comfortable with 
  2.  Take a deep breathe , bend your knees and lower your upper body
  3. Put the bar close to shin
  4. Hold the bar at your shoulder width.
  5. Fill the air in your chest and lift
  6. Squeeze your back and feel the tension

Points to remember : Don’t do ego lifting , to avoid injuries lift the weight you are comfortable with.

Always remember to retract your shoulder blades and hold the bar tight.

Keep your back straight don’t roll it , rolling of back may cause major injury



Squats or Barbell Squats is a compound movement training multiple muscles at the same time. It primarily focuses on leg muscles ( quads , hamstrings , glutes ) , also trains calf muscles , engages core. Squats burns a lot of calories and is very good for fat loss.


  1. Set the weight your are comfortable with ( don’t do ego lifting)
  2. Get underneath the bar and the distance between the legs must be equal to shoulder width
  3.  Take a deep breathe and keep your back at an arch angle , don’t bend your back
  4. Place the on your traps not on spinal cord
  5.  Lift the weight and squat

Points to remember : Squats can be very risky when not done correctly. Try to maintain a muscle and mind connection throughout your workout be it legs exercise , chest , shoulder , back or biceps.

Don’t lift the weight and adjust your legs during the exercise. 

Don’t shake your legs because it can be too dangerous.

Always remember to place the barbell on traps not on spinal cord or else it could be deadly.

Pull ups

pull ups

Pull ups are body weight training it performed by pulling your body with the help of your arms and shoulders while hanging on a straight rod. It trains Back muscles , traps , forearms.


  1. Keep your back straight and fill your chest with air
  2. Hold the rod outwards to your shoulder with
  3. Pull your body up 
  4. Go back down slowly and repeat the process

Points to remember : Pull ups are one of the best body weight training it can make you stronger , increases your grip strength and much more. But one should be careful while performing pull ups because and ignorance may cause injuries.

Don’t swing your body while doing exercise. Try to maintain proper posture.


Shoulder Press

shoulder press

Shoulder press is also a compound exercise training shoulders , traps & core. Shoulder press is very good for strength building as it is a compound exercise so it burns a lot of calories , thus it’s good for weight loss as well.


  1. Set the weight you are comfortable with , don’t do ego lifting
  2. Hold the bar equal to your shoulder width
  3. Take a deep breathe and fill your chest with air and stand straight
  4. Pull the bar out from rack and press

Points to remember : Don’t ego lift as the will be heavy it may cause serious injuries.

Try to maintain a good posture throughout the exercise.

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