PEDs and Steroids : Are they safe to use for bodybuilding ?

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PEDs and steroids
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What are PEDs and Steroids ?

PEDs “Performance enhancing drugs” are a kind of anabolic steroids , PEDs are commonly used to improve any form of activity performance in humans. These are man-made substances and have the ability to build and strengthen muscle as well as reduce body fats.

Human growth Hormone is a common PEDs used by athletes And other adults to improve performance and increase muscle.

There are more than 192 PEDs and other methods (which are responsible for same cause) , Mostly these substances are banned and are prohibited to some degree by WADA. Now there are many methods which are used to detect these substances.

types of steroids

Types of Steroids

There are many types of PEDs but we’ll talk about most common ones that are being used by bodybuilders :

Is there any benefits of PEDs ?


Everything in this world has it’s own benefit and side effects but when it comes to PEDs there are lot more side effects than benefits (we will discuss later about side effects) , but first let’s talk about benefits if there are any !

still it depends upon what goals you have.

PEDs no doubt give you upper hand when it comes to improve your performance be in any field boxing , athletics , bodybuilding and many more. If some body wants quick results in minimum amount of time PEDs are for them , though it is recommended. 

Depending upon goals one take performance enhancing drugs , and in many big platforms it’s not banned like Mr. Olympia , people competing at Mr. Olympia level usually take PEDs to get that desired physique.

So with minimal benefits PEDs do have benefits

Side effects of steroids

Steroids have lots of side effects because it’s not something that your body produces naturally, people use injections and tablets to inject this substances in their body, thus causing a lot of side effects. However , taking steroids or PEDs for less than 3 week is unlikely to cause any major side effects but if you take it for longer duration of time or a high dose, then you may notice some serious side effects.

  1. Increased appetite : One may feel hungry which will eventually result in a weight gain.
  2. Indigestion : Some people may face indigestion issues while on steroids or PEDs.
  3. Difficulty in sleeping
  4. Impulsive behavior : One of the most common side effects is people get aggressive or impulsive behavior. Sometimes it may be difficult to deal with this unwanted change.
  5. Diabetes : It was also recorded that some athletes and bodybuilders started suffer from diabetes as a side effect of taking steroids or PEDs.
  6. Depression and Stress : Your mental health may get triggered which may cause depression or stress.
  7. Skin infection : Getting skin infection is also a very common noticed side effect. Your skin may get rashes , pimples allover you face , pimples on the back and many more notice able skin infections.

Why you should not take steroids or PEDs

Why it is suggested not to take steroids ?

Steroids may give you an amazing result quickly while natural bodybuilding takes 2-3 years of hard work. Well one has to work really hard even when on steroids but the result can be achieved quickly.


People with zero knowledge about steroids or PEDs should immediately stop using it , may be an one-sided way for for them.

Don’t use without consulting doctor.

Athletes or bodybuilders use it according to their goals , if your goal is something like Mr. Olympia then you should consider taking one under an expert because it’s easy to take but very difficult to remove from body and if you fail to remove it will cause some serious side effects. So always think twice before taking any step further.

To know more click here.

ALERT : This article is only for knowledge purpose we don’t suggest any supplements or any cure to your problems. Always consult your doctor because steroids or PEDs may cause some serious side-effects.

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