Are Supplements Harmful? The Ultimate Answer for Which Supplements to Take

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are supplements harmful
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Food! Food! Food! Food is the basic material that the body needs for survival and well-being. Eating healthy food rich in nutrients is vital for proper body functioning. But do you know? We get nutrients from supplements as well! In this article, we’ll read about Are supplements harmful? Their benefits, and many more. But first, let’s discuss Nutrition and types of nutrients.


Nutrition is perhaps one of the most important things that a person can consider when it comes to their health. Nutrition plays a very critical role in the body, and to think of it as just a pile of vitamins would be doing it a great injustice. As one has heard, a sound intake of nutrients must go hand in hand with a steady and healthy lifestyle.

You must also keep the right balance, so it is important to know how to get everything you need, or how to make the right changes to achieve that.

Nutrients : Definition and type

Nutrients are substances that are responsible for a healthy life, survival, and growth in living beings. Good nutrition and regular exercise can result in a disease-free future. Good nutrition can also lower the risk of deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, strokes, heart diseases, etc. There are six essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, protein, and water.

6 Essential nutrients


Vitamin is vital for your health. It is an organic compound found in foods which is essential for your body. Vitamin is a group of vital nutrients which in fact cannot be synthesised by the human body and therefore cannot be produced by the human beings. They are four naturally occurring vitamins: Vitamin A, B1, B2, and B3 (all are known as fat-soluble vitamins).


There are many benefits of foods rich in minerals.
In a nutritionally balanced diet, the mineral content of foods is often lower than that found in natural soils and rocks. Therefore, if we eat enough minerals from food and drink, our bodies can supply all their needs for iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other essential minerals.

So to keep the body healthy and prevent diseases such as cancer it is important to include these types of foods in your daily diet:
Foods rich in Potassium: avocados; bananas; cantaloupe; chicken breast; spinach; sweet potatoes; tomato juice.

Foods rich in Iron: black-eyed peas; beef liver (in moderation); dried beans (black beans are high in iron); eggs (especially egg yolks); lentils.

Foods rich in Calcium: dark green leafy vegetables such as kale or collard greens; sardines or salmon.

These foods contain vitamins which help your body get rid of toxins more efficiently than just consuming raw fruits and vegetables alone. Some other health benefits you may experience by eating these types of foods include a boost to energy levels, stronger bones and teeth. So please don’t forget to add them into your diet!


Carbohydrates are the backbone of many people’s diet. There are carbs that replenish the energy depleted from daily activities, and there are carbs that build energy reserves for intense physical activities. Carbohydrates are consumed in many forms like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. The health benefits of carbohydrates include being an efficient source of energy and being a great source of food for the brain. By consuming carbohydrates regularly we may expect our body to function at its optimum level.


Fat or fatty substances have been the subject of many jokes in the recent years. However, there is no denying their existence. The majority of us live our lives under the misconception that fats are unhealthy, trans-fats are bad and saturated fats are the devil’s food. This is where the myth gets wrecked because despite having these names, there are some good fats that do not cause any harm as compared to other fatty substances. In this article, we will look at the positives of fats and the crucial benefits they provide to our bodies.


Protein is an essential nutrient, as it keeps our body in shape and acts as an important building material. However, protein is also an important foodstuff that plays numerous roles. It keeps the body strong and helps in building muscle. It is a popular food, since it is considered to be a nutrient-rich food that keeps you healthy and young.


 When you think of drinking water, do you think about your health? The benefits of taking a glass of fresh water are innumerable. If you want to live healthier and live longer, it is essential to drink more water. There are a number of benefits of drinking water. These include but are not limited to: Enhancing your metabolism and helping you lose weight. Drinking water will also help keep your skin and hair healthy, preventing wrinkles and other ageing signs. Water will also reduce the risk of developing a range of diseases such as stroke and cancer.

Are supplements harmful?

are supplements harmful

When it comes to supplements being safe or not many people don’t understand the concept. Food should be your priority when it’s about providing essential nutrients to the body. Still, sometimes you won’t get all the necessary nutrients that the body requires, this is where supplements are helpful.

Supplements are not the alternatives for the food they are consumed to fill those nutrients that you were unable to get from the food you eat. For example, to add more protein, protein powder is taken. For vitamins, multivitamins are the best supplement and many more.

Is it good to take supplements?

A simple answer is Yes! supplements are good for you unless taken as food replacement. Supplements are easily available though some of them might not be cheap but necessary ( depending on your goals). You can get amazing results and results can be noticeable as well, but keep in mind that never take supplements you are allergic to because it can be dangerous for you. It’s a good practice to consult your doctor first before taking any supplement.

When to take supplements?

This question is very important, so is there any time to take supplements? Well, it depends on you some prefer multivitamins in the morning, some in the evening, and the rest like to take one at night but it barely makes any difference. If you have any doubt always take our doctor’s advice.

Safe supplements availabe

The marketplace is full of good supplements protein, vitamins, and many more. You should choose your product according to your requirement, here we will discuss some of the safest supplements available in the market :

Protein powder

protein powder

The most sold fitness supplement is a protein powder mainly available in three forms concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzed. Protein is very beneficial even if one doesn’t go to the gym a single scoop of protein can help in many ways. It is a safe product to use but don’t fall for fake brands always buy from trusted brands.

Protein powder helps to complete the daily protein requirement of the body and also provides many essential amino acids, helps in recovery and muscle growth, with hundreds of health benefits protein powders are one the favorite supplements in the market.



Multivitamin is a miraculous supplement available contains all the necessary vitamins & minerals that your body require. Multivitamin is easily available online as well as in local shops. It is a safe supplement and is used by many fitness enthusiasts.

Fish oil (Omega-3 capsules)

omega3 capsules

Fish oil or omega-3 capsules are also essential supplements. Most people get enough omega-3 from fish and also from seeds such as chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and many more. Omega 3 is good for skin, hair, eyes, good for the heart, stress-buster helps in depression.



Creatine is the safest supplement out in the market yet many think it is harmful but studies have proven otherwise. Creatine is very popular in the fitness world it has lots of benefits with no side effects, Yes no side effects, people often fall for such myths created by some people that creatine results in baldness, kidney failure, and so on but none of these myths have been proven right.

You can take creatine without any hesitation, it is recommended to take 3-5g of creatine daily or you can consult your doctor if have any doubts.

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