Benefits Of Multivitamins

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benefits of multivitamins
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What are multivitamins?

Multivitamins are supplements that contain many different vitamins and minerals, sometimes alongside other ingredients 

benefits of multivitamins

There are thousands  benefits of multivitamins , people often get confused whether to take these  supplement or to skip it but the best answer is ,Yes these supplements are necessary for our body because sometimes food doesn’t always fill their requirement. Let’s see what are the benefits of  a multivitamin :

Boosts Immunity

Multivitamin tablets/capsules contains Vitamin C , Vitamin D , Vitamin E which plays major role in boosting immunity which is one of the best benefits of multivitamins . You’ll fit fit from inside and healthy through all day.

Healthy Heart

It is very necessary to keep our heart fit for a healthy life. As per various studies multivitamins help to reduce cardiovascular diseases , Vitamin B1 , Vitamin B2 , Vitamin B6 Magnesium all play important role against cardiovascular diseases.

Beneficial for Skin and Hair

Vitamin E and Vitamin C are antioxidants which prevents allergic symptoms. These essential vitamins keeps skin healthy , shiny , helps to retain natural oil and prevents from dryness of skin.

Reduces Stress

Vitamins and Minerals are significantly known for reducing stress and depression. Nervous system is stimulated by Vitamin B to produce stress hormones to lower stress. Taking adequate amount of multivitamins is also good for brain health.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

As per researches it is being said that regular consumption of  multivitamins help body to find against cancer. But it is highly advised to take these tablets after consulting a doctor.

Boosts Energy Level

When the daily nutrition requirement is not achieved , you may feel weak and lazy from inside. Regular consumption of multivitamins may help your body to achieve daily vitamins and minerals requirement and can help to regain your energy levels.

Beneficial For Eyes

Vitamin A helps to improve eye sight. Vitamin A also protects your eyes form night blindness and age related issues.

When to take multivitamins ?

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  • Taking Multivitamins During Breakfast

  • Taking Multivitamins During Lunch

  • Taking Multivitamins During Dinner

So , Many people get confuse in this situation . What is the best time to take a Multivitamins ?

Let’s first talk about what happens when you take them on different time.

Taking Multivitamins During Breakfast : After you are awake don’t take a Multivitamin empty stomach it may cause stomach pain . However , eat something before eating or take one after your breakfast . Few people still can feel stomach pain . So , try to take one in other meals .

Taking Multivitamins During LunchYou can also have a Multivitamin after lunch , it would make no difference . Your body needs Multivitamins , Even a complete diet may not give you all the nutrients you need . It doesn’t matter at what time you take it.

Taking Multivitamins During DinnerDuring night  , many nutritionist suggest not to take nutrient supplements as the digestion process get slow at night and you may not get all of it but this is debatable in many ways . But there are many vitamins which will help you in good sleep . So take after dinner and before 1 hour of your bed time.

     It doesn't matter what time you are taking
a Multivitamin the goal is to add one in your daily routine .

Are multivitamins safe ?

Multivitamins are one the safest supplement that one should take for a better healthy lifestyle. In a recent study of 14000 men ages 50 or lower were given multivitamins daily , the study concluded that the ” Risk of cancer was reduced” , Boosts their immunity by fulfilling the requirement of Vitamin C ( a strong antioxidant ) , Vitamin D and E too were found in an adequate amount . There are studies that proved : these supplement don’t increase any heart related issues and their overall bad effect on body was nil.


ALERT : Even though these tablets/capsules are important we don’t suggest or promote to take without doctor’s advice. Some people may be allergic to certain substances or can face few problems after taking these tablets/capsules for a safe side before taking and supplements please consult your doctor.


Multivitamins are very necessary for body if the daily requirement is completed by  having foods you don’t need to take from external sources but there supplements are safe to take add 1-2 tablets in your diet . Benefits of multivitamins : boosts immunity , keeps heart healthy , beneficial for skin and hair , reduced stress , reduces risk of cancer , boosts energy level , beneficial for eyes. There is no best time to take multivitamins you can take then at any time be it morning , afternoon or night. multivitamins are safe supplement if you feel any problems while having them consult you doctor.

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