How to get rid of gynecomastia safely

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how to get rid of gynecomastia
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In this article you will learn the ways how to get rid of gynecomastia safely , What gynecomastia is ,  what are its symptoms , Medicines available in market , Myths regarding it. This article is only for knowledge purpose. It is caused by hormonal imbalance in body , when male hormones are relatively lower than female hormones . Now you might think , ” If I’m male how can I have female hormones?”. All humans have both male hormones and female hormones in their body , so when androgens are lower compared to that of estrogen that person is considered to be suffering from gyno.

What is gynecomastia  ?

what is gynecomastia


Gynecomastia also known as man boobs or gyno ,  is a condition where breast tissue of men or boys overdevelop or become larger , they can also grow unevenly. It’s not a type of cancer so don’t believe in such myths or fake news spread by some people who don’t know much. you can observe your chest nipples swollen , puffy or may appear as breast. It’s totally harmless and common in teenagers . 

There are studies about gynecomastia which help you if you want to know more in details. Let’s talk about the symptoms of gynecomastia :

Symptoms of gynecomastia 

There can  be many symptoms of guno you can observe , Here we will discuss few of them :

Enlargement of nipples

Enlargement of  nipples is considered the main symptom of gyno (be it single or both). Enlargement of tissues usually occur in both nipples but in some cases it may occur in one side only. The growth may be uniform or uneven with respect to nipples.

Painful when touched

Nipples can be painful or tender when touched .

Breast development

Your nipples starts looking like breast. Though it won’t look like real breasts but it might look similar to some or the tip of nipple will look larger.

How to get rid of gynecomastiahow to cure gyno naturally

People suffering from severe gyno are highly advised to consult their doctor or get gyno removed by surgery. But if it develops during puberty in teenagers then there are handful of ways to get rid of gyno  :

 Consult a doctor 

First and the most suitable thing you can is to consult a doctor. It will much better way to cure yourself. The doctor will  run adequate tests , collect your report and prescribe medications related to your problem.


If your problem is severe then under doctor’s supervision you might undergo a surgery. There’s nothing to worry much about it . It is a safe process is common.

Avoid using drugs or steriods

Stop using any sort of  drugs or steroid which is not prescribed by a doctor. Access use might cause you big problems

Diet and exercise

Maintain a proper diet and regular exercise , try to reduced overall body fat percentage. Eat healthy and take care of your body.

Reduce alcohol consumption

If you are regular in alcohol consumption , avoid consuming regularly and you will see a drastic change in your body.

Chest Exercises

Spot reduction is not possible but you can decrease your overall body fat percentage and hit chest exercises in gym or home for better results. Chest exercised will gave a good shape to your chest and will be beneficial in long term.

Medication available

medications available

There are medicines available for gyno

  1. Tamoxifen ( Soltamox)
  2. Aromatase inhibitors , such as anastrozole (Arimidex)

Myths regarding gynecomastia

There are several myths and one of them is , Gyno is cancer . Gyno is not cancer , so whoever tells you this doesn’t have knowledge about it . Soya increases gyno is the most common among all myths . As mentioned it’s a myth don’t get influenced by these myths. Gyno can only be cured through surgeries , it’s not true not all cases require surgery . For better understanding consult your doctor.


This article is solely for knowledge purpose we don’t recommend or suggest and sort of medicines or remedies to your problem . Please consult your doctor before taking any step on your own.

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