Lean Muscle Diet Plan


Lean Muscle Diet Plan


Lean Muscle Diet Plan is one of our premium diet plans made for people who wish to gain lean muscle and achieve their desired physique. FitnessDigi diet plans are made for beginners and intermediates keeping in mind all the ingredients are easily available to you.

Our Lean Muscle Diet Plan is made by our professional trainers. Include both vegetarian & non-vegetarian food, above 16+ age group. Daily calories in this plan will be 2500, keep a record of your daily calorie requirement and choose your plan accordingly.
1. BUDGET FRIENDLY – We have the most affordable prices for the best fitness plans. Our diet plans are designed to be affordable and simple, without compromising on quality. You can start working out with our fitness plans today and save money for the rest of your life!

2. BALANCED MACROS – All our diet plans are carefully balanced, You will get balanced macro ratios of proteins, carbs, fats, and essential vitamins to meet the daily requirements of each category. So you get the best results without sacrificing your energy or health!

3. INDIAN FOOD-BASED DIET – Our diet plans are Indian food-based diet plans which are designed for those who want to eat Indian food and increase their muscle size and maintain a good physique at the same time.

4. VISIBLE RESULTS – Once you begin following our program, you’ll see results within a few weeks!

Disclaimer: For Personal training and personalized diet plans buy our training programs.

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    • Aman Kumar Ujjain

      Thank you. Stay fit and healthy.

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