exercise tutorials

We present you our free exercise tutorials which will help you to improve your posture , minimize the chance of injuries and also help you to get better results. Our exercise videos are performed by our experienced trainers.

Gym Exercise Tutorials

For best results at gym exercise tutorial videos are your perfect gym companion. Perform the exercises by watching each and every steps , master posture , techniques and see the growth. Tutorials are performed by Sumit Singh , help you to know the better angles and postures that will help to perform the exercises more precisely. Tutorial includes Arms , Chest , Shoulders , Legs , Back and Forearms .

Yoga Tutorials

Yoga improves your strength , balance and flexibility. Yoga very important and performing it everyday gives you tons of benefits be it physically or mentally. Try our tutorial videos to perform yoga with right posture and let your body heal and  fill all the positive energy within. Get guidance by Tara Dixit Yoga graduate and certified trainer.

Zumba Tutorials

People enjoy dance and when it is benefits your health it’s like a dream come true. Zumba dance is amazing because it’s a mixture of entertainment and a good agent for physical health. Watch our zumba tutorials and experience a whole new environment of health and entertainment at the same time. Hritik Upadhyaya our zumba instructor will guide you through the tutorials.

Calories Calculator

When it comes to health and being fit it’s very important to tract your daily calories intake , FitnessDigi brings you an amazing Calories Calculator which will help you to tract your daily calories intake requirement and set your goals be it weight loss or weight gain. Still to come BMI calculator , Pulse calculator and many more health calculators.

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